Performance issues with Polygon Colliders

I am currently working on a little mobile 2D game and had a issue that almost drove me crazy. Some objects that were supposed to move across the screen at a constant speed where “stuttering”. I tried different approaches for the way I move the objects but nothing seemed to help.
At some point I started disabling almost everything in my scene and enabling it again one by one. As it turned out the polygon colliders 2D of some objects where really hurting the performance. If you assign a polygon collider to an object Unity will fit it automatically to the shape of the object and I guess most of the time it does a good job at that. In my case however Unity used around 300 points for the polygon collider of a rather simple sprite. Luckily you can edit the points yourself and I was able to recreate the collider using only 18 points and that solved all my performance and “stuttering” issues.